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Better With Buckwheat

better with buckwheat

guilt-free goodness

Using locally-milled buckwheat flour (naturally gluten-free) we've created a family of vegan cookies that are produced in a dedicated facility to be free of the top eight allergens.  Heart healthy and delicious, they're perfect for kids, grown-ups and everybody in-between! 



No dairy, no soy, no nuts, no stress! Our cookies are safe for every situation. 


healthy ingredients

With buckwheat flour, applesauce, sunflower oil, and natural cane sugar,  our cookies have an earthy, sweet flavor straight from nature. 


quality & safety

Produced in a dedicated facility, free of the top eight allergens to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. It is important to prevent cross contamination so you don’t have to worry about shared lines or carryover.